At Your True View, we are political animals. We realize that politics and politicians have a significant impact on our lives that must be monitored and dealt with. We pay attention, and we vote. We are concerned that politics has become more of a team sport than ever before (my team versus your team) and something of a blood sport as well.

We believe the original intent of social media, to bring us together, was worthy. And the purpose of a free press is to provide fact-based information and hold the powerful to account. But those worthy goals have been lost. Instead, social media and the press are focused on advertising and profits. They push us into echo chambers to keep us engaged while simultaneously exposing our views to ridicule and hatred from the “other” team. Certain politicians talk about the swamp in Washington D.C. But social media and the press are not so much a swamp but a cesspool.

Most politicians, rather than focusing on a better life for us, wallow in the cesspool seeking more power, and many push us towards the extremes rather than pulling us to the rational center.  

We believe that most people have at least some views that differ from their team’s, and most of us are moderate rather than extreme on most issues. But sharing those differing opinions can be problematic. Cancel culture and the risk of family feuds and lost friendships cause many to avoid expressing their opinion.

The purpose of Your True View is to provide an environment where members share their opinion with politicians and civic leaders, the press, researchers, businesses, and their communities, by participating in polls and surveys on candidates and major issues. Where we do so privately and anonymously, without the negativity and demonization found on social media, and outside the opinion silos of the modern press.

If you are political animal, and if this intrigues you, then press the Join YTV button and participate. Or read on to learn more.

We seek to address the following problems:

Old-fashioned polls and surveys (using one on one interviews by landline telephone) are expensive, intrusive, and have small sample sizes, reducing their accuracy.

Small samples also mean you rarely, if ever, get to participate.

Politicians often use polls to support their position on an issue rather than understand their constituents.

At Your True View, we plan to reduce political combat and increase political cooperation and civil discourse for our mutual benefit.

More About YTV

Your True View was created to give every adult, and those on the verge of adulthood, ages 16 and 17, an opportunity to share their voice in civil society.

Voting is important and sharing your opinion between elections can guide politicians and civic leaders, inform the press, and provide insight to researchers and businesses.  But traditional polling and survey methods are complex, inconvenient, expensive, and provide questionable results using tiny sample sizes (see “YTV and Statistics”).

We believe that society can benefit by leveraging the power of the internet to obtain opinions from the entire population, using simpler, more convenient, less intrusive, less expensive, and more accurate methods.

And like the secret ballot used in our elections, you should be able to share your opinion privately and confidentially, without fear of intimidation or retribution – or the possibility of vitriolic or insulting responses.

We encourage you to join YTV and share your opinion with politicians and other power brokers and avoid the internet trolls.

You can learn more about YTV by reading the following pages, summarized below:

Current Polls and Surveys” – If you are interested in seeing the types of issues we address. You can see a list here, but the actual polls and surveys are only available to members.

What We Do – And Why” – The Your True View platform is designed to move the business of statistically accurate polls and surveys from pre-internet technology (land-line telephones) into the twenty-first century. In addition to improving the accuracy and reducing the cost of polls and surveys, our members will share their opinions on important issues privately and anonymously, without being subject to ridicule or attack. We will promote the free exchange of opinions ad ideas and help communicate your views to politicians, the press, academics, businesses, and others, so that we can learn from and about each other rather than going to war over our opinions.

Sharing Your Views” – We can vote every two years using a secret ballot but have few other opportunities to share our views in a structured, meaningful and constructive manner. Your True View provides this opportunity while maintaining each member’s privacy.

YTV and Statistics” – In theory a statistically relevant poll can be taken with as few as 400 participants, but we have all seen polls that were proven wrong. YTV will allow polls and surveys to be cost effectively conducted with many thousands, and even millions of participants, improving accuracy and giving us all the opportunity to share our opinion on important issues.  

Public Benefit Corporation” – YTV is a for profit company, but our governing documents allow us to look at more than just profits. In particular, we are required to donate 5% of our long-term revenues (not profits, but revenues) to charitable organizations and causes.  

Charitable Giving” – Our charitable giving, as required by our governing documents, will be limited to so called 501(c)3 tax exempt organizations, and we will not donate to those that might be perceived as political in nature. In addition to developing relationships with founding beneficiaries, we will give members an opportunity to “vote” on how to distribute some of our charitable giving.

Vision, Mission and Values” – This document will help you better understand who we are and how your membership and participation can contribute to civil society.

YTV Present and Future” – More about what we are doing and how we hope you will grow with us.

Information About Signing-Up” – Signing up is easy, private, and anonymous. We do not ask for personally identifying information. We suggest you provide thorough profile information, voluntarily (and again privately and anonymously), so that your opinions can be better understood.

Privacy Policy” – We require very little personally identifying information, just an email address and phone number. We will not share that information with anyone. If you are a privacy nerd, or having a hard time sleeping, or just curious, go ahead and read this document.

You can also find additional information on our “FAQ” page.

Other Interesting Stuff” – If all this is of intriguing, you may find some items of interest on this page.

If you have questions about our platform or becoming a member, or suggestions for improvement, please use our Contact form. We hope that you will join us in this mission to make civic involvement more informative and more civil.

Your voice counts.

Your view is important.

Join us and share your opinion.